Celluloid Underground

Poster designed by Giselle Monzon

A film by Ehsan Khoshbakht

Screen Scotland and the BFI Doc Society Fund present a Bofa production

Produced by Mary Bell and Adam Dawtrey

80 mins, in English and Persian, with English subtitles.


After the Iranian Revolution, a movie collector in Tehran hid thousands of films to prevent their destruction by the new Islamic regime. Despite arrest and torture, he refused to give up his secret. His story of resistance and obsession is told by the boy who became his partner in crime, recalled years later from exile in London. 

Ahmad Jorghanian in Celluloid Underground

World premiere at BFI London Film Festival

Inquiries: adam.dawtrey at btinternet.com

Celluloid Underground offers a poignant tribute to the resilience of the human spirit. Director Khoshbakht deftly weaves his own story with that of Ahmad Jorghanian to craft a moving portrait of two underground cinephiles for whom films provided solace against oppression. Though their lives were forever impacted by censorship, their unbendable devotion succeeded in preserving cinema as a vessel for cultural expression and communal joy. – Arash Nahandian


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