Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Notes from a Half-Dead Cinephile

Five minutes after take-off it starts shaking. After 10, it was juddering like a cradle Airplane was completely out of control. Cries and prayers started. Pilot tried to calm people down, but his voice was so trembling that he couldn't finish his message. One of the crew fainted. Suffocatings, throwing ups, cryings and prayings. Man next to me with a face of pure horror looked at me, and while my legs were out of control and probably my face colorless, I tried to calm him. He had a baby girl, and with a mournful voice was talking to her and kissing her. I said goodbye to my family and friends, and I was sure than in a minute I'll be in ashes. This is my last night flight, with a 35-years old 727 of an Iranian airline. Obviously I'm alive because I'm writing this. We survived miraculously. But the same thing happens many often in my homeland. PLEASE STOP SANCTIONS AGAINST SELLING PASSENGER AIRPLANES TO IRAN. NOW! DAMN IT, NOW!

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