Thursday, 10 March 2011

Passages of a Letter from Berlin to London

This morning when I opened my mailbox, there was this extraordinary letter, from a German piano master in Berlin, to someone who's trying hard to start a brand new day in London. Needless to say, bold names are titles of British films. That's how the world is described by an artist: art does it all!

"Glad to hear from you again in your new surrounding between Piccadilly and Lord Nelson's (alias Sir Laurence Olivier's ) Trafalgar Square!
So you've become a strange Lodger now with Great Expectations in the supposedly impenetrable fog in London After Midnight, but hopefuly not an Odd Man Out who has become victim of a strange cultural Blackmail.

Though you've left your home country now for a while, please Don't Look Back (In Anger) but do enjoy the British working- class Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.

Sometimes , I guess, one feels Young and Innocent there, sometimes even Rich and Strange, and sometimes behind an anonymous camera there is a lurking Peeping Tom, and you realize that before your very eyes a Lady Vanishes in A Cottage In Dartmoor.

When there's darkness on the edge of town, don't forget to turn on the gloomy Gaslight and put on, no, not your blue Suede , but your fairy-tale Red Shoes to dance with the capitalist devil because it's simply A Matter Of Life and Death!

Always look The Way Ahead and take a good Room With A View!"

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