Saturday, 5 July 2014

Iranian New Wave Masters Interviewed

With the precious help of Houshang Golmakani I have interviewed the key figures of Iranian New Wave cinema, Dariush Mehrjui, Kamran Shirdel and Masoud Kimiai.

Not surprisingly, the attempt to interview the key figures of Iranian New Wave cinema turned out to be an intercontinental affair. Tracking down the masters of that period, who are scattered across the world, proved that their lives were as “interrupted” as their cinema.

 In the following interviews we asked three directors to give their answers to each of these four questions: (1) “How conscious were you of a New Wave in Iranian cinema during the 1970s?” (2) “What did you achieve in your film(s) in this period which hadn’t already been tried in Iranian cinema?” (3) “After four or five decades, how do you think those films stand in your career, and in a larger context, in the history of Iranian cinema?” And (4) “What were your cinematic influences?”

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