Monday, March 26, 2012

Film Journals#1: Brighton Film Review

Brighton Film Review was the house journal of the film society of the University of Sussex in the late 1960s up to the early 1970s. It later became Monogram, and published in London. Students bought the journal for its listing of screenings and TV broadcasts of the classic and important contemporary films, and writers such as Thomas Elsaesser were "smuggling" their lengthy articles in the publication about their favorite filmmakers. 

"The convenient provincialism of a seaside university gave us the cover to argue, for instance, in favor our cinephile obsessions, while nonetheless keeping a watchful eye on what Screen and other film magazines were doing," writes Elsaesser about his role in the publication. He also says that unlike Movie and Cahier, Brighton was putting less emphasis on auteurist themes, rather than a stylist reading: "we tried to be informative and broadminded enough not to scare off our readers, but we nonetheless hoped that our expository manner carried a polemical edge that London would take note of (it did)."

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