Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Night Watchman: Rivette and Daney

Serge Daney In English blog which, as it title suggests, is dedicated to the preservation of Daney's memory and tracing the English translation of his work has blogged this two-part video of Clair Denis' film about Jacques Rivette, made for French TV's invaluable Cinéma de notres temps program. For anyone interested in Rivette, Daney or Denis, this real gem deserves a watch.

Production of  Cinéma de notres temps, originally named Cinéastes de notre temps started in 1964 and each one hour long episodes was delivering a portrait of a contemporary, or occasionally past filmmaker, in a cinematic style close to what that particular filmmaker had done in his or her films. I recently learned that 18 of these films are available on DVD, here.

(Iranian national TV, back in the 1990s, brought some of the episodes of  Cinéma de notres temps, Bresson, Scorsese and Renoir among them.  For me, watching them was like watching all those director's oeuvres in one hour. I'm not completely sure, but I think Rivette film was broadcasted too, the only problem was that I probably didn't know who Rivette was!)

اپيزودي از سينماي عصر ما، برنامۀ تلويزيون فرانسه كه تلويزيون ايران هم هميشه بخش هايي از آن را نمايش داده است، تا جايي كه خاطرم هست در شبكۀ چهارم. اين اپيزود طولاني، به كارگرداني كلر دني و همكاري سرژ دني، سرژ را براي مصاحبه با ژاك ريوت جلوي دوربين مي فرستد. عنوان فيلم هست: نگهبان شب يا شبگرد يا هرچيز ديگري كه به ذهنتان مي رسد.

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