Thursday, 1 October 2015

Chevalier (Athina Rachel Tsangari, 2015)

Athina Rachel Tsangari; Greece, 2015
Reviewed by Kiomars Vejdani

A group of six men on a boat on holiday get engaged in a series of games to decide who is the overall best among them. Director Athina Rachel Tsangari uses this setting to explore mental state of her characters and their development in detail. At the beginning of the film they are mature and logical men. But as the games progress they gradually become more immature. They lose their rational way of thinking, their controlled behaviour and altogether civilised side of their nature, with basic and primitive emotions and instincts coming to the surface They regress from state of adulthood to act like a child. Their immaturity, selfishness and low level of frustration tolerance becomes more apparent. Only after the game is over they return to normal state making us think about the futility of the whole exercise. It is a brilliant character study with a lot of humour. The joke of “blood brothers” is something to remember.  

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