Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Most Recent "Top 10"

Recently I participated in Film Monthly's poll for selecting top 10 films of Iranian leading film critics. To me, it wasn't, and still is not, a serious game. Though my selected films represent the essence of cinema, there are hundred titles like them. So this list could be altered any moment. If I were free to pick more, any Max Ophuls, any Bresson and all Tati films from L'École des facteurs to Playtime could be placed in my list.

At first I wanted to arrange a list of "big" films that I've seen and those who had an immediate influence in me; films like Big Clock, Big Combo, Big Sleep, Big Heat and then bigger than big names like Criss cross, Out of the past, Raw deal , Asphalt jungle, Double indemnity and the film of films, In a lonely place.

As an anti-climax to the Critics' "usual films" (plus appearances of some sentimental flops like Cinema Paradiso), the following are my choice of the best films that eight of them didn't appear on other "Ten Best" lists:

(without any specific order)

  • Playtime (Jacques Tati.1967)
  • Colorado Territory (Raoul Walsh.1949)
  • F for Fake (Orson Welles.1975)
  • Steamboat round the bend (John Ford.1935)
  • Europa '51 (Roberto Rossellini.1952)
  • City Lights (Charles Chaplin.1931)
  • Partie de campagne (Jean Renoir.1936)
  • Shadow of a doubt (Alfred Hitchcock.1943)
  • Seven men from now (Budd Boetticher.1956)
  • 12 O’clock High (Henry King.1949)

Last month I also picked my favorite films of the 1930s that could be found here: [1]
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