Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hi De Ho (1937)

Hi De Ho (1937) is a 11-minute long musical variety starring one of the best big bands of all times, Cab Calloway’s orchestra, which along Duke Ellington’s were the hottest attractions in 1930s New York jazz scene. The setting is similar to most black and white musicals of the period with a high angel camera and dancers in front of the band. Directed by Roy Mack (1889-1962) an expert of short musical film from early days of talikes with an all negro cast. It is written by Burnet Hershey. Cinematographer is Ray Foster, and edited by Bert Frank.

The cast (mostly Cab Calloway and His Cotton Club Orchestra) including Doc Cheatham, Irving Randolph, Lammar Wright, trumpet; Claude Jones, De Priest Wheeler, trombone; Keg Johnson, trombone, guitar; Garvin Bushell, clarinet, alto sax, bassoon; Andrew Brown, alto sax, clarinet; Walter Thomas, tenor sax, clarinet, flute; Bennie Payne, piano; Morris White, guitar; Milt Hinton, acoustic double bass; Leroy Maxey, drums; Cab Calloway, leader, vocal.

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