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Life … Replaced by a Fresh Corpse: David Thomson & Noir

A have a new piece, a book review, published in the last issue of Noir City Sentinel (Summer 2010). The book is David Thomson's "Have You Seen...?": A Personal Introduction to 1,000 Films, and my article's main focus is on Thomson's taste for film noir.

This wonderful 53-page issue have many more things to dig, including:

British Noir A Climate of Fatalism by Imogen Sara Smith
Nightmare Alley: The Musical by Dan Akira Nishimura
A Common Language: American Expatriate Directors in British Noir by Imogen Sara Smith
The Have-Nots in the Sordid Underbelly of British Noir by Guy Savage
The Forgotten World of Bargain-Basement British B-Noirs, 1957–64 by Don Malcolm
Caged: Classic, Not Camp by Alan K. Rode
Walk Softly, Stranger: When the End Undermines the Means by Eddie Muller
Paul Stewart: A Heavyweight Among Heavies by again, Eddie Muller
Elisha Cook Jr.: The King of the Character Actors by Woody Haut
Bernhardt, Litvak, Negulesco: The Forgotten Film Noir Directors by Marc Svetov
The History of the Whistler by Vince Keenan
Hearing Voices: The Varieties of Film Noir Narration by Jake Hinkson
Wilder at Heart: Billy, Willy, and the Great Brotherly Divide by Don Malcolm
Hidden in Plain Sight: The Big Sleep’s Sassiest Dame by Ron Schuler
Life … Replaced by a Fresh Corpse by Ehsan Khoshbakht

And also some notes on:

Dementia, Night Tide, and The Werewolf by Will Viharo
TV Noir: Double Dose of Duryea by Gordon Gates
Lorre & Greenstreet by Steve Eifert
The Killer Inside Me by Will “The Thrill” Viharo

Even Alan K. Rode Interviews Eleanor Parker, exclusively for Sentinel.

When I was working on that review, I made a list of all noir entries in Thomson's book. Now, I think publishing this index, will help noir scholars for further research.


The Letter William Wyler 1940
The Mortal Storm Stuart Heissler 1940
Rebecca Alfred Hitchcock 1940
They drive by night Raoul Walsh 1940

Citizen Kane Orson Welles 1941
High Sierra Raoul Walsh 1941
Hold back the down Mitchell Leisen 1941
Little Foxes William Wyler 1941
The Maltese Falcon John Huston 1941
Man Hunt Fritz Lang 1941
Meet John Doe Frank Capra 1941

Cat People Jacques Tourneur 1942
The Hard Way Vincent Sherman 1942
Ossessione Luchino Visconti 1942

Hangmen also die! Fritz Lang 1943
Shadow of a doubt Alfred Hitchcock 1943
Seventh victim Mark Robson 1943

Double Indemnity Billy Wilder 1944
Gaslight George Cukor 1944
Laura Otto Preminger 1944
Ministry of Fear Fritz Lang 1944
Phantom Lady Robert Sodmak 1944
The Woman in the window Fritz Lang 1944

Detour Edgar Ulmer 1945
Leave her to heaven John M. Stahl 1945
The lost weekend Billy Wilder 1945
Mildred pierce Michael Curtiz 1945
The picture of Dorian Gray Albert Lewin 1945
Scarlet Street Fritz Lang 1945
Spellbound Alfred Hitchcock 1945
The Strange affair of Uncle Harry Robert Siodmak 1945

The Big Sleep Howard Hawks 1946
The Chase Arthur Ripley 1946
Gilda Charles Vidor 1946
Humeresque Jean Negulesco 1946
The Killers Robert Sodmak 1946
Notorious Alfred Hitchcock 1946
The Postman always rings twice Tay Garnett 1946

Body & Soul Robert Rossen 1947
Brighton Rock John Boulting 1947
Crossfire Edward Dmytryk 1947
Daisy Kenyon Otto Preminger 1947
It always rains on Sunday Robert Hamer 1947
Kiss of death Henry Hathaway 1947
The Lost moment Martin GabeL 1947
Out of the past Jacques Tourneur 1947
Pursued Raoul Walsh 1947
Quai des orfevers Henri-Georges Clouzot 1947
They Made me a fugitive Alberto Cavalcanti 1947

Act of violence Fred Zinnemann 1948
The Fallen idol Carol Reed 1948
Force of Evil Abraham Polonsky 1948
Key Largo John Huston 1948
Lady from Shanghai Orson Welles 1948
The Naked City Jules Dassin 1948
Raw Deal Anthony Mann 1948
Snake Pit Anatole Litvak 1948

A ll the king's men Robert Rossen 1949
Caught Max Ophuls 1949
Criss Cross Robert Sodmak 1949
Portrait Of Jennie William Dieterle 1949
The Reckless Moment Max Ophuls 1949
They live by night Nicholas Ray 1949
Third man Carol Reed 1949
White Heat Raoul Walsh 1949

The Asphalt Jungle John Huston 1950
D. O. A Rudolph Maté 1950
Gun Crazy Joseph H. Lewis 1950
In a lonely place Nicholas Ray 1950
Night and the city Jules Dassin 1950
No man of her own Mitchell Leisen 1950
Sunset Blvd. Billy Wilder 1950

Ace in the hole Billy Wilder 1951
M Joseph Losey 1951
A Place in the sun George Stevens 1951
Prowler Joseph Losey 1951
Strangers on a train Alfred Hitchcock 1951

Angel Face Otto Preminger 1952

Big Heat Fritz Lang 1953
Pickup on south street Sam Fuller 1953

Beat the devil John Huston 1954
Suddenly Lewis Allen 1954

The big Combo Joseph H. Lewis 1955
Les Diabolique Henri-Georges Clouzot 1955
House of Bamboo Sam Fuller 1955
Kiss me deadly Robert Aldrich 1955
The Man with the golden arm Otto Preminger 1955
Mr. Arkadin Orson Welles 1955
The Night of the hunter Charles Laughton 1955
Riffifi Jules Dassin 1955

Bigger than life Nicholas Ray 1956
Bob la flombouer Jean Pierre Melville 1956
The Killing Stanley Kubrick 1956

Baby Face Nelson Don Siegel 1957
A Face in the crowd Elia Kazan 1957
The Wrong Man Alfred Hitchcock 1957

Touch of evil Orson Welles 1958
Vertigo Alfred Hitchcock 1958

Odds against tomorrow Robert Wise 1959

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