Friday, August 31, 2012

Mark Cousins Interviewed

Mark Cousins in Bristol

An interview with Mark Cousins

After spending 5 or 6 years writing, filming and editing The Story of Film, and after a year of traveling around the world to show this epic 15 hour documentary about the history of innovations in cinema, Mark Cousins, the Irish film-maker, is back in Edinburgh, his home town, to show his latest film, What is This Film Called Love?

Made while touring The Story of Film, during a three-day stay in Mexico City without a plan, this is a love letter to Mark’s hero, Sergei Eisenstein, as well as to other things he likes (beer, the Telluride Film Festival, kids...) or dislikes (the Pope, capitalism, ...).

Mark simply calls it a film about the nature of happiness. However, this is also a film that shows the possibilities of film-making in the digital age, its excitement, spontaneity, and poetic rapture. The low-budget or, more likely, no-budget What is This Film... which has cost only £10, provokes more thoughts and provides more visual pleasures than most of the 200 million dollar films on cinema screens today. This westerner twin brother of Jafar Panahi’s This Is Not a Film ignores the boundaries of an art form, crosses them and then it elevates them in order to capture the essence of an era which is, supposedly, too elusive to put on celluloid, or to transfer from reality to the virtual world of digital.



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