Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Film Ads in Iran#28: Italian Sex Comedies

In Iran of the 1970s, sex comedies, as well as martial art films, were drawing huge number of people to the movie theaters. The cinema whose main attractions were Lando Buzzanca (picture above), Bruce Lee and Barbara Bouchet soon changed the way Iranian filmmakers of the Pahlavi era saw their films. They felt something was missing, so cartoonish violence with prehistoric sound effects (produced by smashing pumpkins!) and more reckless sex scenes found their way into Iranian cinema. This new trend, soon, was crushed with a popular revolution which one of its objections was obscenity and prostitution of the movies. The same crowd who made long queues to see Bouchet's naked breasts (picture above) started to burn down the theaters. Here I have included some original newspaper advertisement for Italian sex comedies, shown in Iran with titles as stupid as The Nymphomaniac Woman and the Frigid Man or The Shy Priest and the Voluptuous Woman:

Il debito coniugale (Franco Prosperi, 1970)
Il prete sposato (Marco Vicario, 1970)
La prima notte del Dottor Danieli, industriale col complesso del... giocattolo (Giovanni Grimaldi, 1970)
Il prete sposato (Marco Vicario, 1970)

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