Friday, 31 October 2014

Jacques Saulnier's sketches for The Life of Riley

The Life of Riley
The Life of Riley, Alain Resnais' last film, is the sublimation of all the visual ideas Renais ever explored, from his photography to his fascination with Louis Feuillade, comic strip books and American musical. Set in the Yorkshire countryside, the story takes place in four homes with four gardens - mostly gardens. Yet, when Resnais found it too difficult to raise money for the film, he decided to make it in the only way he knew, turning the shortcomings into the film's most charming features.

That's why and how Jacques Saulnier, the production designer of the film, came up with the idea of making the sets just out of hanging painted screens, wide sheets of colour plastics, and painted backdrop of a sunset in England --  everything more theatrical than theater. The images below are Saulnier's illustrations and design ideas for his 19th and sadly the last collaboration with Resnais.

 Source of the images: afcinema

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