Friday, August 7, 2009

Blog & Site Recommendations#4

Among the online film journals Rouge is one of the most serious and well-instructed with knowledgeable contributors like Donald Phelps, Bill Krohn, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Luc Moullet, Thomas Elsaesser, Janet Bergstrom, Chris Fujiwara, Kent Jones, V F Perkins, etc. Though there is only 13 volumes since it's beginning in 2003, these volumes are much more influential than daily-updated journals that are growing every day like mushrooms. The editors of this elite publication are Helen Bandis, Adrian Martin and Grant McDonald.

My recommendations from Rouge archives, among so many other good things:

  • Luc Moullet on Sadegh Hedayat's Blind Owl [1]
  • Mehrnaz Saeed-Vafa on Ebrahim Golestan [2]
  • A Conversation between Pierre Clémenti, Miklos Janscó, Glauber Rocha and Jean-Marie Straub convened by Simon Hartog in Rome, February 1970. [3]
  • Jonathan Rosenbaum's Ritwik Ghatak: Reinventing the Cinema. [4]
  • Roland Fischer-Briand explores the Dziga Vertov Storyboards and sketches. [5]

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