Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hitchcock Speaks

The Alfred Hitchcock episode of the classic Dick Cavett Show is an exceptional Hitch’s exhibit. For the first time he is giving the precise information about how (or in some cases why) he has directed his famous films and scenes. Although the usual ingenious humor is on, there is no trace of his sarcasm or sense of playing with the interviewer/camera which is evident in other Hitch’s TV interviews; especially as long as I remember two incredible French interviews; one paired with the greatest interview of film history with John Ford (it was broadcasted as a documentary from "arte" channel, a couple of years age), and the other one in French – yes, Hitch speaks in French! – as a part of Cinepanaroma (a French TV program dedicated to the art of filmmaking).

Don’t forget that at the time of this interview he was 73 years old – fresh from directing Frenzy, and maybe too tired to play his old games. And Cavett armored with a copy of Truffaut interview, picks his questions from the book (so must of the Q&As are nothing new to us), and it’s also a little strange for an American TV show, trying to investigate the technical aspects of Hitchcock films and Hitch, with a generosity unheard since the Truffaut sessions, giving all details and unveils his magician tricks. A must see for all Hitchcock fans.

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