Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tuna Clipper (1949)

Tuna Clipper: Roddy McDowall and Elena Verdugo

Tuna Clipper
Director: William Beaudine
writer: Scott Darling
Music: Edward J. Kay
Cinematography: William A. Sickner
Art Direction: Dave Milton
Cast: Roddy McDowall, Elena Verdugo, Roland Winters, Peter Mamakos, Rick Vallin.

"Here is a little film from Monogram, [shot in 12 days] that modest company that said "no" to the crisis and decided to double the number of its productions.* A scenario whose charm lies in its modesty and honesty: a captivating tuna fishing expedition. William Beaudine's mise-en-scène is completely creditable, as we would have liked it to be for the same director's Charlie Chan. We are drawn by the one-and-only female actor with the promising bodice; no, generous; or rather, willing, I would say; that bodice is still well behaved, friendly also, and sort of hospitable, promised to the most deserving one, the nicest one. Let us recall together the name of this delicate personage: Elena Verdugo."

-- François Truffaut, Cahiers du Cinema, December 1953

*Truffaut here refers to the cutback in Hollywood production in the early 1950s due to the inroads of the early days of television.

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